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We are hiring!

We are currently expanding our team and looking for enthusiastic individuals with high entrepreneurial spirits! 

Vacancy: Treasurer, 1 Corporate Relations Associate, 1 Marketing Associate, 2 Events Officer

Deadline: 3rd of October 2022


At KES we bring together exceptional students who want to make a difference and help them to connect, create and grow. We believe that you possess enormous potential regardless of your background, and that is why we created KES where we help you bring projects to life and make a meaningful difference. At present, we have over 1000 members and our events have helped in the inception of 14 new start-ups, will yours be next?


Throughout the academic year we regularly host events with top speakers and student entrepreneurs across a wide range of business sectors. This includes workshops, visits and guest speakers.

CrowdPad is building the next wave of social by allowing creators are to monetize since day 1.

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Malebox is a comprehensive at-home male fertility service removing current accessibility barriers to testing.

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Panakeia offers an AI platform to enable simplified, rapid diagnostics to inform the precision treatment of cancer.

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Driven by innovation, rigour and ambition, HydroGrow aims to clean the planet one smart garden at a time!

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A panel with Stuart Fletcher (from Bupa health and Diageo) and Ed Bussey, a serial internet entrepreneur.

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