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Investor Relations Assistant - Project Kepler

About the Company

We're a Social Network platform, where creators and their communities can truly engage for the first time. We do this by giving Creators & Brands the tools (AI-powered SDK) to build out their own digital venues & experiences quickly that can each host up to 15K users simultaneously. Project Kepler gives each creator access to 10 new revenue streams by default and all users can enter the venues from their Phones as hyper-realistic avatars, and enjoy spatial audio through their earbuds. Think of us as Instagram | TikTok, but actually immersive. 

Job Description: 
We're currently looking for an Investor Relations Assistant who would help us to keep our calendars booked with VC meetings and the existing VCs- updated. 

  • Compiling a list of new unapproached investors.

  • Sending out first and second interactions E-mails and Linkedin InMails to VC funds and angel investors with provided template messages and, when necessary, filling out pitch forms on VC websites. 

  • Providing company materials to newly established connections on LinkedIn.

  • Sharing our updates with potential investors.

  • Keeping investor pipeline and spreadsheet in order.

TLDR: You will be working under the CEO and be in charge of reaching out to new investors with existing cold email templates, looking for new relevant investors as well as sending out weekly/ monthly updates to investors by using specific software.

Work Hours and Compensation

Expected Workload 

Your usual (flexible and remote) work week will be 5 days of 4h work, but this might differ week by week. If there are any changes or any large projects, this will be agreed upon with you and normally these will be the hard borders of work time.


Your monthly salary will be $1000 

  • 70% paid in USDT and 

  • 30% in $PKPL (our ecosystem's core currency distributed to you after the $PKPL token launch).

*don't forget to mention KES in your application to stand out and be recognized by our start-up partners!