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King's Entrepreneurs

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

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King's Entrepreneurs Impactful Initiatives & Events

In today's world, entrepreneurship and innovation play a crucial role in driving economic growth and societal development. The Kings Entrepreneurs Society (KES) recognizes and celebrates the power of entrepreneurship and is dedicated to supporting and encouraging individuals and businesses in this field. Established in 2016, KES aims to foster a community of entrepreneurs and business leaders who are passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. KES believes that entrepreneurship is a force for good in the world and that by supporting entrepreneurs and helping them to succeed, we can create a better future for all. KES is committed to supporting entrepreneurs in various ways through its events and initiatives. These programs include networking events, workshops, and talks from industry experts, as well as programs aimed at helping entrepreneurs develop their skills and grow their businesses, arranging events that range from informative to entertaining—catering to a diverse range of interests. One of King's Entrepreneurs most popular events is the Founder Five series, which has enabled students from various backgrounds to gain a better insight into entrepreneurship and the start-up space. Founder Five’s Series III, for example, provided medical students with a better understanding of breaking into entrepreneurship, as well as the ability to discuss with industry professionals, such as the CEO of Panakeia.

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In addition, KES arranges events that not only provide information but also do so in an entertaining manner collaborating with other societies such as the fashion or film society, or even part-taking in the London pitch challenge—competing with renowned universities in London. This helps aspiring entrepreneurs develop their skills while providing a platform for them to showcase their ideas and network with like-minded individuals.

female founders conference

Another successful event organized by KES is the female founder's conference which bring together women entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing women in entrepreneurship. The event provides a platform for female founders to share their experiences and insights, network with other entrepreneurs, and gain valuable mentorship and advice. Through this initiative, KES is playing a vital role in promoting gender diversity and inclusion in the entrepreneurship space.

king's entrepreneurs society event

At its core, KES aims to empower and support entrepreneurs in achieving their goals and making a positive impact in the world. The organization recognizes that entrepreneurship is more than just business success, and it emphasizes community building through its events and initiatives. By bringing together entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and industries, KES fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, which drives innovation and progress.

Being part of KES provides access to a supportive community of entrepreneurs, mentors, and industry experts who offer valuable insights and advice. KES's diverse membership base is one of its key strengths, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of their field of study or expertise, creating a vibrant and dynamic community where different perspectives and ideas are shared.

Community & Collaboration: The Essence of KES

KES's commitment to helping entrepreneurs extends beyond its membership base. The organization also works closely with other groups and organizations to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. For example, KES collaborates with the Entrepreneurship Institute at King's College London to organize events and workshops that help students to develop their entrepreneurial skills. The organization also partners with external companies and organizations to provide mentorship, funding, and resources to startups.

Success Stories & The Way Forward

In addition to its existing initiatives, KES is constantly exploring new ways to support and encourage entrepreneurship. One of the organization's newest programs is the KES Mentorship Program, which pairs aspiring entrepreneurs with experienced mentors who can offer guidance, advice, and support. This program is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn and gain valuable insights.

KES's impact on the entrepreneurship community has been significant, with numerous success stories emerging from our society's programs and initiatives.Many start-up’s have received funding and mentorship through KES's accelerator program, and several have gone on to achieve significant success in their respective industries. KES provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a platform to develop their skills, network with like-minded individuals, and turn their ideas into a reality. As the society continues to expand its programs and initiatives, it is sure to have an even greater impact on the entrepreneurship community in the years to come.

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