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  • Yasmin Asghari

Founder Fives Series 3: Panakeia Technologies

This post focuses on the highlights of King's Entrepreneur's third event in the Founder Five series. The event featured three remarkable guest speakers, including King's College London alum and Entrepreneur First (EF) cohort member, Pahini Pandya, as well as Spencer Ejiro Duvwiama and Nicholas Sopuch.

panakeia technologies, panel with pandya

From Doctor to Entrepreneur: Panakeia Technologies

Pahini Pandya shared with us her journey from being a doctor to an entrepreneur and the innovative company she founded, Panakeia technologies. Her company aims to revolutionize cancer identification through an AI platform that enables simplified, rapid diagnostics to inform the precision treatment of cancer.

Pandya's talk was both informative and inspiring, as she shared her journey of starting as a doctor and transitioning into the world of entrepreneurship. After completing her medical degree and working as a junior doctor in London, Pandya realized that her true passion lay in applying technology to healthcare to improve patient outcomes. This led her to join the Entrepreneur First program, which helps talented individuals build their own tech companies from scratch.

At Entrepreneur First, Pandya was able to develop her skills and learn the resources needed to start her own company. She met her co-founder and together they founded Panakeia technologies, which offers a cutting-edge AI platform that can detect cancer faster and more accurately, leading to faster and more effective treatments. Her presentation showcased the innovative approach to healthcare technology and the potential impact it could have on the medical field.

Entrepreneur First: Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

Entrepreneur First is a pre-seed startup accelerator that helps aspiring entrepreneurs build companies from scratch. The program provides talented individuals with the resources and support needed to create successful startups, including access to funding, mentorship, and a global network of entrepreneurs and investors. The program is open to individuals from any academic or professional background, and the emphasis is on building companies that have the potential to make a significant impact in their respective industries.

Following Pandya's presentation, we had two team members from Entrepreneur First join us to discuss their program for entrepreneurial-minded students who want to get ahead in their careers starting now. Spencer Ejiro Duvwiama and Nicholas Sopuch shared their experiences and insights about the Entrepreneur First program, highlighting its benefits and how it can help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses.

Event Highlights

Beyond the insightful talks, the Founder Five series event was a networking haven. Attendees got a chance to mingle, share ideas, and discuss potential collaborations. The event's atmosphere was lively, with free pizza adding a fun twist. This gathering wasn't just about learning; it was about community building, connecting like-minded individuals, and celebrating the entrepreneurial journey.

Looking Ahead: King's Entrepreneurs' Commitment

The success of the recent Founder Five series event underscores King's Entrepreneurs' dedication to innovation and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. These events serve as a platform, not just for sharing knowledge but also for cultivating relationships, forging partnerships, and inspiring the next wave of leaders.

Stay Connected

King's Entrepreneurs is always bustling with activity— looking for new members and partners who share our passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. We welcome you to join us in our mission to make a difference. Visit our website or social media for more information.

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