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KES x Shares
Founding in Fintech


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Harjas Singh

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

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Benjamin Barrett

Senior Product Manager

We have two great panelist’s with experience over 5+ years experience at Revolut and Monzo to talk about they managed to grow social investing app with the biggest Seed round in all of Europe!

They just raised £40M in a series A taking their valuation just under a unicorn 🚀

Plus the recruiting team is coming over as their hunting for some fresh faces for their product, marketing and sales teams!

Harjas Singh, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Shares

Harjas has been building digital financial products and services used by millions of users for over 6 years. As Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Shares, he is responsible for Product Development, Growth and Expansion, where his first priority is the launch and continuous development of the mobile application. Most recently, Harjas spent two years leading the retail investing product at Revolut, a London-headquartered global fintech valued at $33 billion (July 15 2021 Reuters). Prior to this, he gained in-depth knowledge of building trading systems during his time at Deutsche Bank, where he spent four years as an engineer modernising the incumbent's technology. Harjas graduated in 2015 from Virginia Tech, majoring in Computer Science.

Benjamin Barrett, Senior Product Manager, Shares

Ben is a Senior Product Manager at Shares and has spent the past five years building some of the most well known fintech products on the market. Ben was one of the original team members at Monzo, working to build the now world-renowned banking app. He began his full-time career at Monzo whilst studying for his Masters and following this he worked at global digital payments giant, Ben currently leads the social experience at Shares, building the product from the ground up, with an ambition to create a best-in-class social investing platform. Ben grew up between the UK and Silicon Valley, which influenced his passion for technology. He studied Human Geography at Leeds University and has a Master's in Business and Sustainability.


Tuesday, 7th March 2023




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