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The Top 10 Memorable Moments of 2023: A Recap of the Year's Most Exciting Events at King's Entrepreneurs Society

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the engaging and enlightening events our society hosts. Each gathering offered unique insights, fostering connections, learning, and growth. Let’s revisit some of these unforgettable moments. 


KES Meet and Greets: Launching a Year of Entrepreneurial Activities 


As we reflect on the past year’s exciting events, it’s important to remember the King’s Entrepreneur Society Meet and Greets at both Guy’s and Strand Campuses, which brilliantly kicked off our year of dynamic and enriching experiences. 


An Inviting Start to an Eventful Year 


The KES Meet and Greets marked the beginning of our year’s events at King’s College London, setting a welcoming and energetic tone for the months that followed. These gatherings were the gateway to the multitude of opportunities that the society had in store for the year. 


Networking, Learning, and Enjoyment 


Hosted at the Guy’s and Strand Campuses, the Meet and Greets provided a platform for new and returning members to learn about the society’s upcoming events and initiatives. It was an occasion for students to engage with committee members, network with ambitious peers, and delve into areas like startups, venture capital, and other entrepreneurial endeavours. 


A Blend of Professional and Social Interaction 


Combining professional development with social interaction, these events featured free pizza and drinks, creating a relaxed yet productive atmosphere. The LinkedIn photoshoots offered a unique opportunity for students to professionalize their online profiles, adding a valuable dimension to the evening. 

KES meet and greet at Strand campus

Presidencies & Internships - A King’s Student Panel 


A Gathering of Distinguished Student Leaders 


Our “Presidencies & Internships - A King’s Student Panel” event was a significant highlight, bringing together prominent student leaders from King’s College London. This exclusive Student Internship Panel featured panellists who have not only interned at top-tier firms like Starling Bank, BCG, Goldman Sachs, and Deutsche Bank but have also held esteemed leadership positions in premier societies such as King’s Entrepreneurship Society, King’s Business Club, Economics and Finance Society, and Women in Business Society. 


Insights from the Front Lines 


The panel included Dev Deepak from Starling Bank and President of King’s Entrepreneurs Society, Ata Özsan from BCG and Vice President of King’s Business Club, Hamza Salman from Goldman Sachs and President of Economics and Finance Society, and Sia Asmussen from Deutsche Bank and Vice President of Women In Business. Each panellist brought a wealth of experience from their internships and leadership roles, providing attendees with firsthand insights into securing coveted internships in startups, investment banking, and consulting. The event was not only a platform for learning about the ins and outs of obtaining prestigious internships but also a testament to the leadership and achievements of our student community.

Student panel at King's College London

Day in the Life of a Startup Employee: An Exclusive Fireside Chat 


Our “Day in the Life of a Startup Employee” event was a standout occasion this year, bringing together seasoned professionals from the realms of startups and venture capital. The Fireside Chat, enriched by the presence of industry stalwarts like Chloe Cara from TikTok, Palak Awasthi from Wise, Nishant Nair from Uber, and Clark Kent Ejercito from Quester, provided an unprecedented peek into the inner workings of the startup world. These experts from various roles, such as Client Solutions, Product Development, and Strategy and Operations, shared candid insights into their career journeys, daily challenges, and the fast-paced environment of their industries.  


The evening was not just about listening but engaging. It featured an interactive Q&A session, where attendees had the unique opportunity to direct their queries to the panellists, making the conversation more dynamic and personal. This interactive element and post-event networking opportunities made the event a goldmine for anyone considering a career or internship in the startup sector. The insights shared by the panellists covered everything from decision-making processes and team dynamics to the thrills of working in a high-energy startup environment. This event stood as a testament to our commitment to providing platforms for learning and networking, making it a memorable part of our year’s event calendar. 

Fireside chat with the speakers


Vestd Workshop Series: Equipping Entrepreneurs for Success 

As we continue our journey through the year’s events, we spotlight a two-part workshop series that was both educational and empowering for aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders. 


Part 1: Building a Winning Team: Equity Strategies for Startups 


“Building a Winning Team: Equity Strategies for Startups,” the first part of our Vestd Workshop series, was a must-attend event for founders and aspiring entrepreneurs. Hosted by the knowledgeable Nicholas Oyeniyi, a Strategic Consultant at Vestd, this workshop delved into the crucial aspects of building a dynamic team for a startup. A key focus was on understanding equity’s vital role in motivating and growing a startup team. Attendees gained a comprehensive understanding of equity fundamentals, including compensation strategies and distribution techniques, which are essential for any startup’s success. The workshop demystified the complexities of equity management, providing attendees with practical knowledge to strategically grow their companies. 


Part 2: Governance for Growth - Best Practices for Startups 


The second part of the series, “Governance for Growth: Best Practices for Startups,” continued to build on the foundation laid in the first session. This workshop was dedicated to navigating the intricate world of startup governance. Emphasizing the importance of staying up-to-date and compliant with UK regulations, the session provided actionable insights and best practices. Nicholas Oyeniyi expertly guided participants through the essentials of good governance, ensuring that attendees left with a clear understanding of how to align their startup’s governance structure with the latest requirements and best practices. This workshop was instrumental in equipping founders and entrepreneurs with the tools necessary for sustained growth in the competitive startup landscape. 

Investment banking workshop

LBS x KCL: Speed Dating Networking Event 


Our journey through the year’s standout events brings us to an exciting collaboration that bridged the entrepreneurial communities of two of London’s top academic institutions. 

A Fusion of Entrepreneurial Minds 


The “LBS x KCL: Speed Dating Networking Event,” a collaborative effort with London Business School and King’s College London, was a thrilling and unforgettable gathering. This event created an electrifying atmosphere where established and budding entrepreneurs from both institutions came together, buzzing with innovative ideas and possibilities. It was a rare opportunity to dive into a space brimming with creativity and ambition, where the brightest entrepreneurial minds of London converged. 


An Evening of Dynamic Interactions and Networking 


The event was structured into two engaging parts. Part 1, the “Speed Date,” was an energetic session where founders delivered succinct elevator pitches, followed by group discussions and feedback. This format provided a platform for founders to showcase their ventures and receive valuable insights. For non-founders and aspiring entrepreneurs, it was a chance to highlight their interests, seek advice, and explore potential collaborations. Part 2 shifted gears to a more relaxed setting, where attendees mingled and networked over refreshing drinks. This laid-back session fostered casual yet meaningful conversations, opening doors to potential collaborations as co-founders or team members. 


A Platform for Connection and Collaboration 


This event was a catalyst for igniting passions and forging lasting connections. It offered a unique platform for both founders looking for feedback or scouting talent and for individuals eager to dive into the entrepreneurial world. The collaboration with London Business School was key to curating an evening that celebrated the spirit of entrepreneurship and the joy of connecting with like-minded individuals. 

Pitching at LBS Speed Dating Networking Event


From Finance to F&B: A Fireside Chat with Teddie Levenfiche 


Our retrospective of this year’s standout events leads us to a unique fireside chat that combines entrepreneurial insights with a taste of innovation. 

A Journey from Personal Need to Business Success 


We explored the fascinating entrepreneurial journey of Teddie, the co-founder of PerfectTed, a rising matcha drinks brand. Teddie shared his transition from the finance sector to founding a beverage company, driven by his dissatisfaction with existing energy drinks. PerfectTed, featured on Dragon’s Den, offers the UK’s first 100% natural, matcha-powered energy drinks, crafted to energize without the usual drawbacks of traditional energy drinks. 


Insights and Debates Over a Can of PerfectTed 


During the event, attendees had the unique opportunity to sip on PerfectTed while diving into Teddie’s entrepreneurial experiences. The discussion was not just about his journey but also a debate over key career questions, contrasting the worlds of startups and corporate life. Teddie, alongside his co-founders Marisa Poster and his brother Levi Levenfiche, has created a product that stands out in the crowded energy drink market by addressing common concerns like jitters and crashes. 


Key Takeaways from Teddie’s Talk 


Teddie’s talk was filled with invaluable insights for budding entrepreneurs: 


1. Embracing Failure as Growth: Teddie emphasized the importance of viewing failures as stepping stones towards growth, sharing his own experiences of turning setbacks into lessons. 


2. The Power of Authenticity: He highlighted the significance of staying true to oneself and one’s vision, underlining how authenticity can create genuine connections and open doors. 


3. Asking for Help: Teddie encouraged vulnerability, urging attendees to seek support when needed and leverage their networks as a strength. 


4. Adaptability in Business: He stressed the need for adaptability in the ever-changing business landscape, viewing challenges as opportunities for innovation. 


5. Importance of Balance and Self-Care: Finally, Teddie reminded everyone about the importance of self-care in the demanding world of entrepreneurship, advocating for emotional and physical well-being. 

This event was a blend of personal storytelling, practical advice, and product experience, making it a uniquely engaging and informative session for all attendees. 


Committee and Dragon's Den winner /teddie


Founding a Gen Z Startup: The New Wave of Entrepreneurs 


The “Founding a Gen Z Startup” event was a captivating session focused on the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of Generation Z. It attracted aspiring young entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and investors, all eager to learn from the youngest generation in the business world. 


Inspiring Stories from Gen Z Leaders 


The event featured a lineup of impressive Gen Z entrepreneurs: Tim Chong, CEO and Co-Founder of Yonder; Alexander Fitzgerald, Founder of Cuckoo; Joe Seddon, Founder and CEO of Zero Gravity; and Alex Beyer, Co-Founder of Sourcerie. These young leaders shared their entrepreneurial journeys, offering insights into the unique challenges and achievements of starting a business at a young age. 


A Forum for Learning and Networking 


The discussions revolved around the key aspects of young entrepreneurship, such as navigating the startup landscape and strategies for sustainable growth. The event also provided ample networking opportunities, allowing attendees to forge connections with established professionals and like-minded peers. 

Panellists speaking to audience


The Future of MedTech: A Collaborative Insight with King’s Neuroscience Society 


Our retrospective on this year’s standout events brings us to an insightful panel discussion that explored the rapidly evolving field of medical technology. 

A Panel Discussion on the Cutting Edge of MedTech 


“The Future of MedTech,” co-hosted by King’s Entrepreneurs Society and KCL Neuroscience Society, was an enlightening panel discussion that brought to light the dynamic and rapidly growing medtech startup landscape. The event gathered five industry leaders to discuss the burgeoning opportunities and address the challenges currently shaping the future of medical technology. 


Insights from Industry Pioneers 


The panel boasted an impressive roster of speakers: Mark Jenkins, Co-Founder of Oviva; Abdul Rahyead, Co-Founder of Peerr; Julianna Olah, Co-Founder and CTO of Psyrin; and Anas Nader, Co-Founder and CEO of Patchwork. Each of these leaders shared their unique experiences and perspectives on navigating the medtech sector, offering valuable insights into the intersection of technology and healthcare. 


Networking and Collaborative Opportunities 


Following the panel, attendees had the opportunity to mingle with the pioneers and peers in a networking session. This event segment was designed to foster connections and spark collaborations, providing a platform for attendees to engage with the speakers and each other. Whether for budding entrepreneurs or science enthusiasts, the event promised to deliver valuable insights and help forge lasting professional relationships. 

Students listening to speakers at the MedTech Event

King’s Entrepreneurs Society’s Alumni Event: A Fusion of Past and Present

The King’s Entrepreneurs Society’s first-ever Alumni Event in 2023 was a landmark occasion, uniting alumni and current members in a celebration of legacy and ongoing success. This event forged a meaningful connection between the society’s history and its current trajectory.

Celebrating Growth and Building Connections

Alumni shared their post-graduation experiences, demonstrating how the society influenced their professional paths. These stories of success and the insights provided were invaluable, offering current members both inspiration and practical advice. The event also excelled as a networking opportunity, fostering new connections and potential collaborations in a relaxed and sociable environment.

A Tradition in the Making

The overwhelming success of this inaugural event has set the stage for it to become an annual highlight for KES. It’s a testament to the society’s enduring impact and its commitment to nurturing a strong, interconnected community.

President and Vice-President presenting society's current growth to current committee and alumni.


A Year in Review: Celebrating Our Society’s Dynamic Events of 2023 


As we conclude our journey through the diverse and enriching events of the past year, it’s inspiring to reflect on the breadth and depth of experiences our society has offered since September. From insightful discussions on startup dynamics and Gen Z entrepreneurship to groundbreaking insights into the medtech industry, each event has been a cornerstone in our mission to foster learning, innovation, and collaboration. 


Looking Ahead: Exciting Prospects for the New Year 


As we eagerly look forward to welcoming the new year, our society is already gearing up to host an even more vibrant array of entrepreneurial events. The upcoming year promises to bring new opportunities for growth, learning, and networking, continuing our tradition of connecting bright minds and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit. 


Stay Connected, and Don’t Miss Out 


To all our readers, members, and future participants, stay tuned for the fantastic things to come. We encourage you to keep updated with our upcoming events and initiatives, as we are committed to making each one an invaluable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, our events are designed to inspire, educate, and connect. 


Join us as we step into a new year filled with endless possibilities and exciting ventures. Let’s continue to grow, learn, and innovate together, making the most of the opportunities that lie ahead. Here’s to a year of more remarkable events and the continued success of our entrepreneurial community! 

Ready to Explore Further and Connect?


For more insights on entrepreneurship, visit the King’s Entrepreneurs Website and follow @kingsentrepreneurs on Instagram.

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